“By Jove, this Medical Aid Stuff is really confusing and full of convoluted jargon at the best of times!”

Ask Yourself These Important Questions:

  • Do you fully understand how your Medical Aid works and how you or your family will be personally affected?

  • Is your existing Medical Aid adequate and the best it can be for what you are paying?

  • Are you without Medical Aid cover and concerned about being admitted to hospital in the case of an illness or accident?

If these questions have raised Medical Aid concerns for you – The good news is that we take the complexity out of Medical Aid and deliver a personalized decision matrix designed to help you make an Informed Medical Aid Option selection based on your particular need criteria and affordability – GUARANTEED…


Understanding Leads To Proper Action

You can take the proper action only after you fully understand the type of problems you and your loved ones could face with not having Medical Aid cover in place. It’s the responsibility of an accredited and knowledgeable Advisor to help you clearly identify your needs and recommend the correct type of Medical Aid protection. Medical Aid is certainly a prescribed “financial medicine” that should only be taken after proper diagnosis.

When last did you have a Medical Aid Check Up?

Best Advice – Starts With Making An Enquiry?

We help more than 95% of people who take the time out to complete our “Medical Aid Self-Tester” online – Understand and make Informed Medical Aid Option choices based on their particular need criteria and affordability – GUARANTEED…

Isn’t It About Time We Helped You?