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Choosing A Medical Aid Plan

Choosing A Medical Aid Plan that meets with your particular needs and affordability can be tricky and requires proper diagnosis before making an Informed choice as there are many variables to consider. The best [...]

10 Point Operation Check List

Our 10 Point Operation Check List could save you a small fortune when faced with surgery or a surgical procedure In-Hospital: Many of us on a Medical Scheme are under the impression that when [...]

Gap Cover Insurance – Medical Aid Shortfall Cover

Many of us on a Medical Scheme are under the impression that when admitted to Hospital for minor or major surgery as a result of an illness or accident that the full cost of [...]

Choosing A Doctor And Negotiating Rates

When Choosing A Doctor What Is Important To You? Is it his/her personality and bedside manner? The location of his/her consulting rooms? Or is it his/her style of practice? For most people the [...]

Medical Aid Tariffs – Understand The Difference

Understanding how Medical Aid Tariffs are calculated can be extremely difficult and down right confusing at the best of times, especially if one is not familiar with Medical Aid jargon and acronyms. In this [...]

How To Choose A Medical Scheme

When choosing a Medical Scheme you need to find one that has the highest probability of being around in the long term. In this post we examine the important factors that you need to consider [...]

It’s time to rethink your Healthcare Advisor!

It's time to break with tradition and re-think your Healthcare Advisor. The current landscape is forcing all Advisors to re-look at how they do business. Here at MedMatters we,re doing just that. Our vision [...]

Life Stages and Medical Aid Cover

Here we take a look and provide you with a practical guideline as to what type of Medical Aid may best suite your particular life stage. As one goes through different life stages our needs may [...]

How To Select A Good Healthcare Advisor

What To Look For In A Good Healthcare Advisor The Big Question is - Why Should you use the services of an accredited and knowledgeable professional? In this post we take a look [...]

Optometry Benefit

If you are like me and wear glasses and you are on a Discovery Health Option apart from any of the KeyCare Options then this is especially for you. Here is one way that [...]

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