Choosing A Medical Aid Plan that meets with your particular needs and affordability can be tricky and requires proper diagnosis before making an Informed choice as there are many variables to consider.

The best approach is to look at your specific needs and affordability and talk to an Industry Professional who can help guide you in making the best possible decision based on your needs and circumstances.

What To Consider When Choosing A Medical Aid Plan

  • Your Medical History?
  • Do you want Freedom of Choice or are you prepared to use a Network of Providers at a lower monthly premium?
  • What rate of reimbursement do you want your In-Hospital Benefits to cover?
  • Do I need Comprehensive Cover in the form of a Hospital Plan with Day-To-Day cover or a straight forward Hospital Plan?
  • Do I need additional chronic (long-term) medication cover?
  • To what extent do you need Day-To-Day cover for routine out-of-hospital medical expenses?
  • Do you have any future planned procedures?
  • What can I afford?

Weigh Up The Options

Choosing between the different options within a specific Medical Scheme will depend on your particular needs and affordability. Most Medical Schemes offer a the full spectrum of options ranging from full Comprehensive Plans to Hospital Plans with Limited Day-To-Day cover, to Hospital Plans and Network Plans. The options within a Medical Scheme give one freedom of choice and/or restricted access to Hospitals and providers of service in the form of Networks. Generally Network plans are at a lower cost as one has to work within these Networks. To help you understand what types of options are available in South Africa we have put together a post on this.

Types Of Medical Aid Cover Available

Use The Services Of An Accredited & Knowledgeable Healthcare Advisor

NJ-Home-Improvement-Lightbulb-GuyOur “Medical Aid Self-Tester” is specifically designed to ask you 8 Key Questions related to your needs and circumstances and quite frankly is the difference between choosing a Medical Aid Plan that is Right For You and getting the Advice you require in order to make an Informed decision or Not!

Medical Aid Self-Tester