What To Look For In A Good Healthcare Advisor


The Big Question is – Why Should you use the services of an accredited and knowledgeable professional? In this post we take a look at the important factors to consider when looking for a Good Healthcare Advisor.

No, there is no provision in the Medical Schemes Act. You can deal directly with the Medical Scheme or you can opt to use the services of an Accredited and Knowledgeable Broker/Intermediary.


By law all Advisor’s operating in the Medical Scheme environment who give advice have to be Accredited with the Council for Medical Schemes, otherwise an Advisor may not market Medical Aid products. Make sure the Advisor you deal with is an Accredited Advisor.

Need Analysis

A detailed Medical Aid need analysis should be undertaken in some form or fashion to determine your healthcare requirements. This will ensure that the Advisor understands your past, present and future healthcare needs.

Annual Reviews

Your Healthcare Advisor should be in touch with you towards the end of the year to discuss the changes to your cover for the following year and should not rely on the Scheme communication for this. An assessment should be then made to ensure that the scheme as well as your option is still suited to your needs.

Demystifying Complicated Jargon

A good Healthcare Advisor has a comprehensive understanding of Medical Schemes environment and has the ability to demystify technical jargon and present it in a way that is user-friendly and in layman terminology.

Regular and Consistent Contact

Healthcare is not a once-a-year business. Your Healthcare Advisor should be at the forefront in making a meaningful contribution with regards to regular and consistent Member Education. Medical Aid is not just about selecting the appropriate option based on you particular needs and affordability – It’s about understanding your benefits and managing your Healthcare provision optimally.

Knowledge and Experience

It is important to evaluate the knowledge and experience of an Advisor. Be weary of the Life and Short-Term Advisor who uses Medical Aid to develop a trust relationship with a client. Whilst they may be excellent Life and Short-Term Advisor’s, they often have limited Medical Schemes knowledge. Make sure that your Advisor focuses on Medical Aid as a core aspect of his/her business.


All registered Healthcare Advisor’s are paid a standard fee as laid down in the Medical Schemes Act. You may not be aware of this as no service is being rendered to you currently. If this is the case, ensure that you find a good Healthcare Advisor who can offer you on-going assistance and one who deserves the commission as laid down in the Medical Schemes Act.

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