Our Services

Our value added services offering is offered in an environment of constant change in Healthcare legislation and the development of a National Healthcare Insurance System moving forward, and designed to dovetail with the services offered by the Medical Scheme Administrator in order to facilitate a holistic approach to assisting members to understand and manage their Healthcare Provision optimally

Making Sense Of Medical Aid…

Introducing an innovative and cutting-edge Member Education | Healthcare Tips | Year-End Option Review service specifically tailored to help you understand your Medical Aid Benefits, Save Money and ultimately equip you with the knowledge so that you can manage your Healthcare Provision optimally. Because It Really Does Matter!

Medi-Eddie is our resident Healthcare Expert and he has much knowledge about Medical Aid in South Africa that it’d be a shame not to share it. Engage, learn, discover, and understand what Medical Aid is all about. You can use this new-found knowledge to understand the issues, save money and manage your Healthcare Benefits optimally.

We’re Making Healthcare More Transparent…

Member Education

“Many South African employees, all socio-economic levels, have had little or no access to user-friendly and understandable Healthcare Education whatsoever, or only a limited exposure if any to this vital life skills area”


Healthcare Tips

“Regular and Consistent Healthcare Tips can play a crucial role in educating consumers to understand their Medical Aid benefits better, save money and manage their healthcare provision optimally”


Year-End Revision

“Research has shown that many consumers in South Africa are not necessarily exposed to information that is user-friendly when it comes to understanding the changes in cover from year-to-year”