What is Vitality?

Vitality is Discovery’s wellness programme that empowers members to improve their health by giving them the knowledge, tools and motivation to set and meet their health goals. The healthier they get, the more Vitality rewards them.

Vitality offers a science-based personalised approach to wellness

It has been clinically proven that Vitality makes its members healthier. The more they interact with Vitality, the healthier they become, as Vitality is structured to guide all members along a personalised journey to better health. As members interact with Vitality by getting active and making healthy choices, the Vitality points they accumulate determine their Vitality status.

The higher the Vitality status, the greater the rewards one qualifies for.

Know Your Health

Vitality recognises that everyone’s health needs are different, so Vitality offers a variety of activities to help members understand their unique health status. Members can do a range of in-depth assessments to learn more about their health, which will also earn them Vitality points..

Improve Your Health

Vitality makes it easier for members to get healthier by giving them access to a range of health and fitness partners. Vitality awards points for doing healthy activities and gives members savings at contracted partners to make their journey to wellness that much easier. Plus, Vitality offers tailored wellness initiatives for every stage of life.

Enjoy Rewards

Vitality’s rewards include savings on local and international flights, holiday accommodation, care rental and shopping savings. Because the size of a members’ saving is directly linked to their Vitality status, their rewards increase as they work with Vitality to get healthier.

In addition, the DiscoverCard gives members cash back at a wide range of partner stores and savings on international travel according to their Vitality status.

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